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XF Series Fluidized Dryer

XF Series Fluidized Dryer

Main Application

It is suitable for drying of granule, powder materials such as raw medicine, tablet, Chinese medicine, plastic resin, citric acid, foodstuff, feed, etc. The optimized diameter of raw material will be 0.5-3mm. Features The dryer can carry out automatically and continuously. It has the features of rapid drying, low temperature and quality guaranteed. Working Method Fluidizing dryer is also called fluidization Bed which consists of air filter, fluidizing bed, heater, base unit, star shaped feeder, cyclone  separator, bag dust remover, high pressure centrifugal fan, operation table. Due to difference of property from raw material, it is necessary to equip dust remover in accordance with practical needs. If the gravity of material is much, the cyclone separator should be used, whilebag dust remover is necessary for small granule and powder materials with less gravity. Moreover, there is air feeding device for your selection. Put the granule material to dryer device in fluidizing bed through feeder. The fresh air after heating up and blown by the fan passes to the bottom of the bed where mixed with materials by air distributor. The material is drained out through outlet after drying while waste air exhaust after solid powder in it recollected by bag dust remover and cyclone separator. Technical Data

 Model  (m2) Bed area (kg/h) Drying capacitor(water)  (kw) Blower power  (pa) Air pressure  (m3/h) Airflow  (℃) Inlet temp  (℃) Material temp  (m3/min) Max consumption  (m2) Floor area 1)Star feeding style 2) Feeding style and man-ual feeding combined
20A 0.5 20-25 11 5.5×103 3110


40-60 2.6×103 25
30A 1.0 30-45 18.5 7.0×103 4370 5.2×103 35
50A 2.0 55-90 30 7.4×103 7540 10.4×103