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YZG、FZG Series Cylinder, Square Vacuum Dryer

YZG、FZG Series Cylinder, Square Vacuum Dryer

Main Application

It is widely used for the drying under low temperature of heat sensitive material which apt to be dissolved and polymerized or deteriorated under high temperature in pharmaceutical, chemistry, foodstuff and electronic industries. Features The boiling point becomes lower when material put in the vacuum condition which enlarges the heat transmission strength of evaporator. So it can save heat transmission space for certain transmission quantity. Heat source is from recycling low pressure steam or waste hot steam and water. The evaporator is sterilized before drying, makes no foreign matters mixed in the process of drying. It is classified as static vacuum dryer and do little harm to the forms of target material. Working Method Vacuum drying means to make heat and dry target material which are put in the condition of vacuum. The drying time can be shortened if vacuum pump is used for moisture discharge. Ps: If a condenser is accepted , the vaporized agent in the target materials can be recollected by condenser, if SK series liquid loop pump vacuum unit or ZSWJ water-jet vacuum unit is used, the condenser can be omitted to save energy and investment . Technical Data



YZG-1000 YZG-1400 FZG-15
(mm)Drying room inner size Φ600×976 Φ1000×1527 Φ1400×2054 1500×1400×1220
(mm Overall size of drying room 1135×810×1020 1693×1190×1500 2386×1675×1920 1513×1924×2060
Baking tray layer 4 6 8 8
(mm) Space between layer 81 102 102 122
(mm) Baking tray size (L×W×H) 310×600×45 460×640×45 460×640×45 460×640×45
Baking tray no 4 12 32 32
 Pressure in baking stand tunnel


(℃)Working temperature of baking stand -35~150
(Mpa) Vacuum in chamber unload


(kg)Weight of drying chamber 250 800 1100 2100